Kevin Gray is currently located in Burlington, Ontario.

Within Facilities Management, there are several different areas:

  • Functionality
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Efficiency

All of these, Kevin Gray believes help to integrate not only individuals but places, different processes and technology. Therefore, Kevin Gray has always found new ways to help keep his place of work running efficiently.

Kevin Gray Describes What does it take to become a Facilities Manager?

It is the job of the facility manager to ensure that each of the buildings and their services, meet the needs of the people working inside of them. It is crucial that people in this role know what it means to be organized and be effective. Therefore, it will not only benefit employees but the company as a whole. Some different areas in the job are; facility security and design services. Not only would they supervise, they also would be in charge of budgeting. Kevin Gray wants everyone to know that by creating a strong leadership dynamic, is one way to find success in this role.

Most job environments have this position in their workplace, as keeping organized is something that this position can offer. Every company or organization is always looking for ways to be more efficient and find quicker strategies to completing their work. As technology advances, the current systems in place may need adjusting to be more efficient.

Work-life balance is always a concept that many people should learn. In order to be successful in your position at work, you have to also take time for yourself. Whether that is spending time with your family or taking time for hobbies, it is crucial for living a healthy balanced life.


Kevin Gray facilities manager, burlington ontario