Succeeding as a facility manager requires 4 key things from Kevin Gray:

  1. Be more productive because you own every task assigned.
  2. If anyone has a problem, it’s important to be considerate and help get it fixed.
  3. Don’t fall in the mindset that you know it all. Learn from others around you.
  4. Say what you think, be direct but firm.

Kevin Gray Highlights His Time As A Facility Manager:

Kevin Gray has been in facilities management for over 15 years. He has always had a passion for building things. When he was younger, his grandfather’s job was to build houses and sell them. Throughout that experience, he gained a lot of valuable skills that he carried in life. The industry of constantly upgrading to the newest features in something that is true in people’s personal and professional lives. Therefore, whether it is a bathroom or kitchen renovation or a new process implemented in the workplace; people are looking for the newest efficiencies.

In order to succeed, being productive is a major contributor! It is important to stay motivated and keep a list of what needs to be completed. It’s possible if people have busy days that certain items can be missed but if you have tasks listed, you can always refer back to help jog your memory. His main role revolves around managing operations on construction projects. This can be a very stress-inducing environment but that is why Kevin Gray recommends that everyone should have an appropriate work-life balance.