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Be more productive because you own every task that is assigned. Kevin Gray is a leader in the facilities management industry. His experience in project management, operations management, and expertise. Both in sourcing contract staffing has provided him with the opportunity to work with one of Canada’s fastest growing companies.

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Kevin Gray’s career in facilities management spans over fifteen years. He is currently working at a major Canadian company who has been experiencing incredibly rapid growth. Kevin joined the company when it had one facility. The expansion has grown to nine facilities across Canada over the last 5 years under his direction and management.

Kevin Gray Shares How to Effectively Manage Employees

For millions of businesses across the world, finding the right workforce is one of the most important issues that must be resolved. This is because employees tend to be one of the main reasons why certain enterprises thrive or fail. Unfortunately, however, figuring out who is the right fit for the organization is not an exact science.

Kevin Gray on How to Best Market Your Business in 2019

A business is only as good as the marketing techniques it implements. Effective marketing will command attention and drive sales, while ineffective methods will waste precious time, energy and money. In the digital age, effective marketing trends change quickly. With technology advancing at a breakneck speed, it’s hard to keep abreast on current methods.

Tips on Delivering the Best Customer Service for Consumers

While price, location and product quality are important players in a business’s overall success. Recent consumer surveys consistently rank customer service as the driving factor behind user satisfaction. In this era of technology, websites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Google Review have furthered the necessity to cultivate positive consumer experiences.

Burlington, Ontario’s Kevin Gray Discusses the Impacts of Integrating Building Design and…

The design of a building plays a key role in determining the costs associated with the operation of it. Thus, Kevin Gray, a leader in the facilities management industry and a facilities manager in Burlington, Ontario, claims that integrated building design is an essential process if one wishes to lower the operating cost of a building.

Burlington, Ontario’s Kevin Gray Highlights the Duties of a Facilities Manager

Facilities management is an essential component of any business. Typically, facilities managers are responsible for the physical office space that work is conducted in. Also, for ensuring that the building meets the standards of the employees who work in it.

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray is a leader in the facilities management industry. His experience in project management, operations management, and expertise in sourcing contract…

Why Do Companies Outsource? Kevin Gray Shares 4 Reasons Why

It should go without saying that outsourcing processes or services is not the right fit for every company. According to Kevin Gray – a highly experienced facilities manager from Burlington, Ontario – some business demands are best handled by contractors, provided that those contractors truly offer the company more time and money to do what they do best.

Burlington, Ontario’s Kevin Gray & 5 Steps to Making the Workplace a Safer Environment

Every employer has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that their employees can work as safely as possible. Kevin Gray, a facilities management expert and consultant from Burlington, Ontario, notes that one of the best ways to lower costs and increase positivity in the workplace is to constantly take steps to make the work environment a safer place for employees to spend their day.

Facilities Management & Maintenance: What is the Difference? Kevin Gray Weighs in

Employers often confuse these two roles: facilities management and maintenance. Both are important, but they each assume a different function. To begin with, one creates the plan (management) while the other gets the plan done (maintenance). One is concerned with direction and long-term goals (management) while the other (maintenance) makes sure that there are no significant changes unless otherwise directed by management.

Kevin Gray on the Importance of a Health & Safety Committee

Workplace safety and health concern every employee. Whether or not they work in a job that is traditionally thought of as dangerous, employers need to fully consider all of the safety implications in the average workday.

The Importance Of Securing The Workplace

In today’s changing work environment, it is important to emphasize workplace safety and security. While safety policies are often focused on catastrophic events like workplace shootings and fires, the workplace safety officer is busy every day managing basic activities.

Kevin Gray Explains Why Regulations are Important for the Canadian Workplace

For many, the phrase “workplace regulations” does not generate a great deal of excitement. However, a proper understanding of workplace regulations not only ensures that Canadian employers are compliant with labor laws, it also properly distributes the burden of responsibility to everyone that is able to identify and address unsafe situations.

DIY for Beginners: Kevin Gray Provides His Top Tips for At-Home Projects

Burlington, ON- There is something to be said about the connection we have with objects we build – Kevin Gray feels that there is no feeling of satisfaction when we buy a product in store.

Burlington, ON- Kevin Gray Provides His Top 2019 DIY Tech Projects

If you are someone who has completed a DIY project before, chances are you never considered moving your skill set over to technology. DIY is all about learning new techniques that you can apply practically to your personal space. To give you the confidence to start building your own projects, we teamed up with DIY expert, Kevin Gray.